Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hold Planned Parenthood Accountable!

There are no words strong enough to describe the horrific, depraved practice Planned Parenthood is undertaking. That is, the illegal sale of human body parts. Precious little baby body parts. Torn from their mother's womb in the name of Women's Rights. Abortion is murder. It is the taking of an innocent life in the most horrific way imaginable. It is the mutilation of a human body. Yet abortionists are not satisfied with simply destroying life. They want to maximize the profit to its fullest, disgusting potential.

Help stop this shameful, diabolical practice. Watch and share the video.

God bless the precious, innocent souls being sacrificed for monetary gain.

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Betty said...

I hope these people were arrested. I hope when they go to jail, they will be faced with people who care and hate what's being done. I am so horrified. God, forgive us.