Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ted Cruz: Things the media won't tell you

If you know me, you know I am not politically minded. I don't trust most politicians, even those I like. I am a simple person. All I want in a President is someone I can trust! Trust to do what is right and good and noble and honest. To love this great country and make it better, not worse. To make decisions based on sound information and moral values. I want the person who wins the election to understand that without God, we are nothing.

We voters have an important decision to make in the coming months. The past eight years have been some of the worst for our country because people voted for a man who gave great speeches. Problem is, there was no substance behind the pretty words. It will take decades to undo some of the disastrous polices he's put in place.

We need someone we can respect. We need someone our military can respect. We need someone who understands the Constitution and the foundations our country were built on. I am not a Ted Cruz fan. Honestly, I don't know all that much about him. I've said I'd like to have Marco Rubio in office, and that is still true. But this video about Ted Cruz may have changed the direction my thoughts were going. I watched the entire thing and I will say....THIS is the kind of man I want in the White House. I doubt I'd agree with everything he's done in his professional career, but of all the candidates seeking to be our next president, I believe Mr. Cruz would make an excellent, and dare I say, trustworthy president. I encourage you to watch the entire video, whether you are a fan of Ted's or not. (BTW, I think the whole "Ben Carson" flap from the Iowa caucus was blown up by the press, as usual. Seems to me some over-zealous campaign folks got their info wrong, but in today's world of lightning-fast social media, mistakes like that are huge. I like Ben, but I'm not holding Ted's integrity hostage because of that mistake.)

One thing I do know for certain. We all need to be in prayer about this election. Serious prayer.

This week's Prayer Shout Out countries are:
USA, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Ukraine, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Romania

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