Monday, July 25, 2022

GIVEAWAY & Crazy4Fiction Book Bash Stop #1!

Hello and
Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee!

During this week’s Crazy4Fiction Summer Book Bash, I’m taking visitors on a virtual visit to Nashville where Priscilla Nichols and Audrey Whitfield live in my new time-slip novel Count the Nights by Stars. Both Priscilla and Audrey want to host a summer book club in Nashville’s beautiful Centennial Park, and if you could meet these women in real life and join them for an afternoon, I know you’d love a chance to talk books with them. But since Audrey and Priscilla can’t join us in person, I’ve come up with a few ways you can have a little book bash of your own, inspired by our two heroines in Count the Night by Stars.

First, here’s a quick peek around Centennial Park, one of the fascinating settings in Count the Nights by Stars: 

The Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the original Greek structure, was built for the 
Tennessee Centennial Exposition in 1897 and is the only building that still remains in the park. 
Makes me wish I could've seen them all!

Centennial Park is a lush, historic park that has a storied history dating back to the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition of 1897 which Priscilla visits in Count the Nights by Stars 
and plays a key role in her story. 

There are several informative signs along the paths circling
Lake Watauga that tell the history of the exposition.

I was SO excited to see a vendor selling Italian ice, 
just like the yummy dessert Priscilla enjoys with 
a handsome man in the book!

Even though summers may be hot and humid here in Tennessee, Priscilla and Audrey would love to sit under one of the park’s tall trees on a breezy afternoon with a good book and some sweet iced tea, and maybe even a bowl of peaches and cream--a favorite dessert of someone in the book!

How can you enjoy your own book bash inspired by Audrey and Priscilla? Invite your book group or just some book-loving friends over and have a fun afternoon of books and goodies! Or treat yourself to a quiet day of summer reading and relaxation on your own! 

Audrey’s and Priscilla’s Summer Book Bash Ideas:

The food/drinks: Ice cold lemonade, spicy BBQ sliders, 
and birthday cupcakes to celebrate Tennessee's birthday!

The music:  A band is set up in the gazebo. Music from the 60s fills the park!
The theme: Happy Birthday, Tennessee!

The setting: Centennial Park or your own backyard complete with lots of big trees!
(You could even print out a picture of the Parthenon for decoration!)

THANK YOU for stopping by the Crazy4Fiction Summer Book Bash! 

Happy Reading!


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It opens July 29th on the Crazy4Fiction site
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Jennifer K said...

Great summer fun! And great story!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it!!

Patricia said...

Thanks, Michelle. Blessings to all of the Ladies!