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Guest Blogger Author Kathleen Y'Barbo

I'm excited to host bestselling Author Kathleen Y'Barbo on the blog today! What do you do when you make a mistake? Read on!   ~Michelle

Making Mistakes: Takeaway from The Mail Order Mistake

By Kathleen Y’Barbo

Have you heard the joke about the guy who thought he made a mistake? Well, turns out he was wrong.

We laugh at that joke, but the truth of it is sobering. We’ve all made mistakes, whether we acknowledge that fact or not. Maybe you put your trust in the wrong person. Or perhaps you made a choice that you were certain would fix all your problems only to have the situation end in disaster.

What then? Do you wonder where God was and how He allowed that to happen? To those of us who believe He controls everything, such a mistake can cause us to ask hard questions of Him.

When May Conrad moved in with her kindly neighbor after fire destroyed her home, she certainly didn’t expect to be thrown into the center of a Pinkerton investigation and be considered a prime suspect in a string of mail fraud crimes involving mail order brides. After all, she felt God was taking care of her. But was He? May certainly doesn’t think so when an infuriating Pinkerton detective insists her next choice is between helping him capture that kindly neighbor or be tossed into jail.

Can you think of a time when you were forced into a situation where none of the options were good? Maybe you had an idea of what your life was going to be like, and then God came in and did something totally different. Something unexpected. Something uncomfortable. I know I’ve been there. And while you’re in the middle of that something unexpected and uncomfortable, you might be wondering where God is and why He’s allowing this to happen. You may even wonder if God has turned away and forgotten about you.

Good news! He hasn’t forgotten. In fact, He is absolutely and certainly using this unexpected and uncomfortable thing. What’s He using it for? Sometimes looking back that answer is obvious. Other times there may never be an answer this side of heaven as to why He has allowed something into your life.

Through it all, there is one thing that never changes and is always true: God never makes mistakes. He’s never wrong. And he never leaves you when you do. If you get nothing else from The Mail Order Mistake, please do not miss that.

I know May didn’t. I hope you won’t.

The Mail-Order Mistake by Kathleen Y’Barbo
1855, Texas
Pinkerton detective Jeremiah Bingham is investigating a mail-order bride scam bankrupting potential grooms. When unsuspecting orphan May Conrad answers his false ad, she becomes the prime suspect in the case.

Bestselling author Kathleen Y’Barbo is a multiple Carol Award and RITA nominee with more than ninety novels, novellas, and nonfiction books to her credit, and over two million copies of these books in print in the US and abroad. A tenth-generation Texan and certified paralegal, she is the winner of the Inspirational Romance of the Year by Romantic Times magazine and a number of Reader’s Choice awards as well as a nominee for an RT Career Achievement Award. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Novelists Inc. Kathleen loves interacting with her fans and with book clubs. To connect with her through social media or send her an email, check out the links on her website at And don’t miss signing up for her newsletter so you’ll be the first to know about new books.

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Guest Blogger Author Noelle Marchand

Today, Author Noelle Marchand shares about the important role secondary characters play in our stories! Enjoy!          ~Michelle

By Noelle Marchand

Imagine the sound of a single cello playing a melody—deep, rich, vibrant. Now, imagine two violins and a viola joining in. Suddenly, what was once simple becomes complex with each instrument bringing out a new quality in the others. This is exactly what secondary characters do for main characters. I always try to create well-rounded characters to interact with hero and heroine.

However, in writing The Outlaw’s Inconvenient Bride, I gained a better understanding of the importance of secondary characters within a novel. Never before had I tasked these characters with so much responsibility. With a huge portion of the story taking place in an outlaw gang’s secluded hideout, the six outlaws who lived there needed to provide external conflict, help set the tone of the story, and make the time period seem believable.

It was also paramount, due to the short nature of a novella, that these characters be immediately distinct from each other. I ensured this by researching accounts of real outlaws who lived during the old west. Inspired, my imagination went into overdrive. I created six characters complete with a list of their past crimes, endowed with a weapon of choice, unique character traits, motives for mayhem, and outlaw monikers. Meet all six members of the Renegade gang in The Outlaw’s Inconvenient Bride.

The Outlaw’s Inconvenient Bride by Noelle Marchand
1881, Wyoming
After a gang of outlaws uses a mail-order bride advertisement to trick an innocent woman into servitude, an undercover lawman must claim the bride—even if it puts his mission in jeopardy.

Noelle Marchand is an award-winning author and a proud Texas-native. She enjoys spending time with family, dancing, and going on daytrips.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Guest Blogger Author Liz Tolsma: Researching a Book

Author Liz Tolsma continues our Blog Tour of the authors of The Mail-Order Brides Collection by sharing some of the fascinating historical tidbits she learned while researching her story! Enjoy!                ~Michelle

By Liz Tolsma

My story, A Fairy-Tale Bride, is set just after the Civil War in the make-believe town of Cuento, Texas. Nora, the main character, is a Southern war widow who has lost her husband, her home, and her land. She is impoverished and has no means to support herself. The only respectable option she has is to become a mail-order bride.

As I researched the story I wanted to write for this collection, I found it was very common for war widows, especially those from the South, to enter into such marriages of convenience. Most of them had lost everything during the conflict. Some of the surviving Confederate soldiers left the Southeast to begin new lives in the cotton fields of Texas. This air of familiarity helped with their transition back into civilian life.

The Texas cotton industry boomed around this time. With their former homes and crops razed and slaves gone, many men turned to Texas as a place to start fresh. The land was fertile, crops were good, and they were able to tap into the now-freed slaves as a work force familiar with growing cotton. Texas quickly became one of the leading producers of cotton in the nation. With the new plantation owners thriving, it was natural for the Southern war widows to go to Texas to enter into new marriages and to start new families.

While I considered not having the sharecroppers appear in the story because of the oftentimes unsavory aspects of the institution, in the end, I decided to show them because sharecropping was a way of life in the South after the war. The hero and his friend would not have been able to sustain their large plantations without this means of getting workers. Neither of the characters is unkind to the sharecroppers, and I don’t dwell on it because the characters wouldn’t have. It was part of daily life.

As I researched this book, I learned so much about what life was like for some Southerners following the Civil War. When you read it, I hope you learn a little something too.

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Liz Tolsma

Author * Editor * Speaker

The Melody of the Soul coming January 2018

Romantic Times 4 ½ stars top pick

Second Chance Brides, Matchmaker Brides, Rails to Love now available

Mail Order Brides coming February 2018

The Amish Widow’s New Love coming May 2018

What the Heart Sings coming August 2018

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It's RELEASE DAY for The Widow of Rose Hill!

February 12, 2018 is a VERY HAPPY DAY in the Shocklee household!

First, today is my son's 27th birthday! Whoop! CanNOT believe that child is 27! What an amazing young man he has become. God has wonderful plans for you, my son! I can't wait to watch them unfold.

Today is also my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sis!! Love and miss you!!

And now ...drum roll, please .....


Widowed during the war, Natalie Ellis finds herself solely responsible for Rose Hill plantation. When Union troops arrive with a proclamation freeing the slaves, all seems lost. How can she run the plantation without slaves? In order to save her son’s inheritance she strikes a deal with the arrogant, albeit handsome, Colonel Maish. In exchange for use of her family’s property, the army will provide workers to bring in her cotton crop. But as her admiration for the colonel grows, a shocking secret is uncovered. Can she trust him with her heart and her young, fatherless son?

THANK YOU to all those who read and loved the first book in the series, The Planter's Daughter. I sincerely hope you fall in love with Natalie and Levi too! 



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Guest Blogger Author Jennifer Uhlarik: Inspiration

The Blog Tour of the authors of The Mail-Order Brides Collection rolls on. Author Jennifer Uhlarik is with us today talking about inspiration and how stories develop in an author's mind. Enjoy!                                                                                                                   ~Michelle

Hi all! Jennifer Uhlarik here. I’m so excited to share with you the story behind the story on The Brigand and The Bride, my selection from The Mail-Order Brides Collection. So…where did the idea for this story come from? As I pondered the idea of a mail-order bride story, I knew it needed to be different than a previous mail-order bride story I’d done (Wedded to Honor from The Convenient Bride Collection). I began thinking of different scenarios and quickly struck on the idea of a woman marrying a stranger to escape her outlaw family. Probably not the most original of ideas—but then, every story’s been told a million times already. It’s the fun twists you add that makes a story unique. So as I pondered the heroine that was taking shape in my mind, I saw a scene begin to unfold.

The heroine hurries through town, anxious about being caught by her brother. Rather than heading straight to the church, she stops in the seamstress’ shop to pick up a suit for her mail-order groom—something they’d pre-arranged through their letters. Suit in hand, she goes to the church, lays out the clothes and grooming supplies for him, then waits in the sanctuary. A bit later, the hero rushes in, shaves and cuts his hair, dons the suit, and steps out of the room, where the pastor’s wife shoves him down the aisle, scolding him for his lateness.

The scene played so vividly in my mind’s eye that I knew I had to write it and find out how the rest turned out. From the couple’s first awkward face-to-face meeting to the “quickie” wedding that ensues, I was giggling and grinning ear-to-ear. I sure hope you’ll read The Brigand and The Bride to find out why!

The Brigand and the Bride by Jennifer Uhlarik
1876, Arizona
Jolie Hilliard weds a stranger to flee her outlaw family but discovers her groom is an escaped prisoner. Will she ever find happiness on the right side of the law?

Purchase from your local bookseller or online at:


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Jennifer Uhlarik discovered the western genre as a pre-teen, when she swiped the only “horse” book she found on her older brother’s bookshelf. A new love was born. Across the next ten years, she devoured Louis L’Amour westerns and fell in love with the genre. In college at the University of Tampa, she began penning her own story of the Old West. Armed with a B.A. in writing, she has won and finaled in numerous writing competitions. In addition to writing, she has held jobs as a private business owner, a schoolteacher, a marketing director, and her favorite—a full-time homemaker. Jennifer is active in American Christian Fiction Writers and lifetime member of the Florida Writers Association. She lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, college-aged son, and four fur children.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Guest Blogger Author Megan Besing: Lies Characters Believe

The blog hop continues with Author Megan Besing! Have you ever believed a lie? Megan shares how her characters had to overcome many obstacles to get to the truth. Enjoy! 

By Megan Besing

As we all know, lies are a part of everyday life—and every good book. Whether it’s one we tell ourselves for years or one someone else makes up, lies consume our time. In my story, Perfect for the Preacher, lies, gossip, and assumptions nearly become main characters themselves.

Despite his age, Pastor Amos Lowry believes he’s the man to fill the pulpit at Hilltop Chapel. He’s certain he’s qualified and longs to be hired. Wouldn’t a congregation with such generosity be a preacher’s ideal church? At least that’s what he tells himself.

Those on the council assume Pastor Lowry is too young and immature, and they believe marriage for Amos could be the answer to all their problems. Except no one asked for a mail-order bride with a sketchy past to apply as Amos’s wife. After all, won’t an ex-saloon girl ruin Hilltop Chapel’s reputation?

Sophie Ross was told she could be a pastor’s wife. Except when gossip mixes with the dreadful experiences from her past, Sophie fights the doubt in her head. If a man of God can’t love and accept her, what kind of future does that leave?

Behind every deception, whether in real life or story form, is the truth waiting to save the day and set us free. I hope you discover and enjoy the truths buried in the lies of Amos and Sophie’s happily-ever-after. What starts off as an unlikely match might just become a marriage built on unconditional love and a ministry for a renewed congregation. Lies may win a battle, but like the characters of Perfect for the Preacher, let’s not allow evil to claim victory of our lives.

Perfect for the Preacher by Megan Besing

1897, Indiana

Fresh from seminary, Amos Lowry believes marriage will prove to his skeptical congregation that he’s mature. If only his mail-order bride wasn’t an ex-saloon girl, and worse, pregnant.

Purchase from your local bookseller or online at:


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Megan Besing adores reading, writing, and reviewing stories with happily-ever-afters. Her own writings have received many awards, including being a multi-category finalist in ACFW’s Genesis and a winner of MCRW’s Melody of Love contest. Her debut Perfect for the Preacher releases February 1, 2018 in Barbour’s Mail-Order Brides Novella Collection. She lives in Indiana with her husband and their children where she dreams of the beach and drinks way too many Vanilla Cokes. Connect with Megan on Facebook and at

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Guest Blogger Author Sherri Shackleford: Villains!

Today on the blog we'll hear from Author Sherri Shackleford on why we love our villains. Enjoy! ~Michelle

By Sherri Shackleford 

The most important thing to remember when creating a villain, is that villains don’t know they’re villains. In my story, Mail-Order Proxy, the heroine is interviewing a notorious outlaw for her local newspaper. And why does this outlaw agree to the interview? He craves fame and attention, of course, but he also wants people to understand him. He wants people to know his motivation.

Generally, most villains are sociopaths. They lack a conscious. While most sociopaths do not become predators, most predators are sociopaths. They may not feel guilty for hurting someone, but they are aware of the consequences of their actions. They are aware of how they are perceived in society.

As an author, when I’m creating a villain, I use a regular person as inspiration, and embellish their flaws and weaknesses. Villains shouldn’t simply be twirling their mustaches while lashing the heroine to the railroad tracks. The outlaw in my story does some bad things, but he feels completely justified in doing these things: Why should the banks have all the money when he’s just a poor, working stiff trying to get ahead?

There should always be a reason for the villain’s actions. In Mail-Order Proxy, the outlaw is perfectly cordial to the heroine until she stands in the way of what he wants. That’s when she sees the darker side of his personality. Most folks aren’t entirely good or entirely evil. A well-written villain has human foibles and weaknesses.

It’s also important to remember that villains are often very charming and engaging individuals. The outlaw in my novella, “Mail-Order Proxy”, has convinced the heroine of his sincerity. Part of her growth is learning to discern the difference between a charming villain and a cantankerous hero.  As the old proverb states, ‘The lion is most handsome when looking for food.’

I hope you enjoy my story, “Mail-Order Proxy!”

Sherri Shackelford is an award-winning author of inspirational, Christian romance novels for Harlequin/HarperCollins Publishers. A wife and mother of three, Sherri’s hobbies include collecting mismatched socks, discovering new ways to avoid cleaning, and standing in the middle of the room while thinking, “Why did I just come in here?” A reformed pessimist and recent hopeful romantic, Sherri has a passion for writing. She doesn't live on the prairie, but she can see the plains from her house. Her books are fun and fast-paced, with plenty of heart and soul. Look for her exciting new romantic suspense novel this fall! 

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Guest Blogger Author Ann Shorey: Why Washington Territory?

It's Day 3 of our blog tour for The Mail-Order Brides Collection! I'm thrilled to host Author Ann Shorey on the blog today. Find our how Ann used her family's history to enrich her story. ~Michelle


Some of my readers know that I’ve often used my family’s history as a source for inspiration in writing my novels. For instance, The Edge of Light uses many details from the life of one of my great-great aunts. In The Promise of Morning, I went to my great-great grandparents’ lives for the storyline. The rest of my novels all contain tiny bits of family lore as well.

The takeaway here for new writers goes beyond “write what you know” to “write what you can find out.” What I know isn’t always a whole lot, but with an inquiring mind and a willingness to dig a little, I’ve learned that there is a world of story material out there, waiting to be pressed into a manuscript.

So, moving forward to my most recent publication, The Mail-Order Brides Collection from Barbour Publishing— here’s a bit of background for my contribution, “Miss-Delivered Mail.”

As far as I know there are no mail-order brides in my family history, so that part is fiction. But in “Miss-Delivered Mail,” the main character finds herself in Washington Territory in the 1880’s, where she meets the Halliday family. I chose this setting because the “Hallidays” in this novella are my great-grandparents. They are not the main characters, but they play an important role in the story. In real life, they homesteaded in eastern Washington in the 1880’s, settling there in the Coulee breaks long before the Grand Coulee Dam was ever imagined. Many of the descriptions of their lives and surroundings come straight from my grandfather’s memoirs.

So, now that you’re armed with insider information, I wish you happy reading! I hope you’ll enjoy “Miss-Delivered Mail,” as well as the other eight excellent novellas in The Mail-Order Brides Collection. 

"Miss-Delivered Mail” by Ann Shorey

Helena Erickson impulsively decides to take advantage of her brother’s deception and travels to Washington Territory in response to a proposal of marriage intended for someone else. 

The Mail-Order Brides Collection can be purchased from your local bookstore, or online at the following sites:

ANN SHOREY is the author of the At Home in Beldon Grove and Sisters at Heart series. She also has novellas included in the Sincerely Yours and The Oregon Trail Romance collections. Ann and her husband make their home in southwestern Oregon. She may be contacted through her website,, or find her on Facebook at

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Traveling West on the Santa Fe Trail

Our blog tour of the authors of The Mail-Order Brides Collection continues! Today is my day to tell you a little bit about my story and how my heroine traveled in 1866. Enjoy! ~Michelle

In To Heal Thy Heart, my novella in The Mail-Order Brides Collection, Phoebe Wagner travels from her home in Kansas City to the rugged New Mexico Territory to meet the stranger she intends to marry. But in 1866, train travel was not yet available in that part of the country, so Phoebe—or any mail-order bride of that day—would have been left with little choice. She must board a dusty, uncomfortable stagecoach for the 700-plus mile journey that would take nearly two weeks, assuming they didn’t encounter problems with the coach, the horses, or the weather. Luke, her intended groom, would have paid approximately $250 for her fare, and the route she would have taken is the famous Santa Fe Trail.

From 1821, the Santa Fe Trail served as a trade route between the United States and Mexico. Settlers used it as well, often facing terrifying situations including attacks from various Indian tribes, brutal weather conditions, and swollen rivers. But like Luke and Phoebe, those early settlers were willing to take the risks in order to be part of something new and fresh and exciting.

Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I often heard stories about the Santa Fe Trail. My family took many drives up the trail, now a highway, passing the same tree-covered hills and grassy fields as those brave pioneers. Even as a child my imagination ran wild, and I’d wonder about the people who traveled in wagons whose wheel ruts are still visible in some places. Who were they and what drove them to leave their homes and loved ones to come to a wild, untamed land?

Although Phoebe and Luke’s story is fiction, I would not doubt that many mail-order brides took to the Santa Fe Trail in search of true love. 

Did they find it?

To Heal Thy Heart by Michelle Shocklee
1866, New Mexico
When Phoebe Wagner answers a mail-order bride ad that states Confederate widows need not apply, she worries what Dr. Luke Preston will do when he learns her fiancé died wearing gray.

Purchase from your local bookseller or online at:

Michelle Shocklee is the author of The Planter’s Daughter and The Widow of Rose Hill, the first two books in the historical romance series The Women of Rose Hill. She has stories in numerous Chicken Soup for the Soul books and writes an inspirational blog. With both her sons grown, she and her husband of thirty-plus years enjoy poking around historical sites, museums, and antique stores near their home in Tennessee. Connect with her at

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Guest Blogger Author Donna Schlachter: The Story Behind the Heroine & Hero

Welcome to Day 1 of the Blog Tour of the Authors of The Mail-Order Brides Collection

I'm so excited to host Author Donna Schlachter on the blog today! Donna is one of the authors in The Mail-Order Brides Collection, the just released collection of 9 stories of marriage before love. My story, To Heal Thy Heart, is included in this book as well. For the next several days we'll hear from the other authors, so stay tuned! ~Michelle

The Story Behind the Story of the Heroine and the Hero in A Train Ride to Heartbreak

By Donna Schlachter

Coming up with likeable yet flawed characters is always a struggle. I find my first draft is usually full of perfect people who always get it right, or else they are so flawed, nobody likes them. Then I have to go back in and tell myself that nobody is this good and they need at least one little thing they need to fix, or there’s no story. Or I have to temper all their issues with at least one redeeming feature.

For Mary Johannson, she had so many good traits—hard worker, thinks of others before herself, obedient, loving—yet the scars on her neck and arm from a fire she survived as a child constantly remind her that nobody could possibly love her. The years in the orphanage fed that lie, as she was passed over time and again for adoption. The opportunity to marry, sight unseen, seems the answer to her problems. And even better, a covenant marriage for twelve years or so, nothing expected except to raise this stranger’s children. Then she would be free to go wherever she wanted. Not that she had anywhere to go.

For John Stewart, he’s another good person that bad things happened to. His wife died, leaving him with two young daughters to raise. He has so many good traits, too—loving father, loving husband, industrious, loyal—so why did God abandon him? Why didn’t the Almighty choose to answer his prayers? And if not his, why not answer his wife’s? She loved God right to the end. Convinced he will never love again, yet he knows he needs help with his children. A covenant marriage seems perfect. No love. No intimacy. Just duty. Kind of like his relationship with God.

These characters both believe a lie—Mary’s that nobody could see past her scars, and John’s that he has had the one love of his life. We all believe a lie about ourselves. It might have to do with our past, with our present, or even with the bleak outlook for our future. What I hope readers will take away about this story is that God is bigger than our past, bigger than our mistakes, and has great plans for us.

1895, Train to California

John Stewart needs a wife. Mary Johannson needs a home. On her way west, Mary falls in love with another. Now both must choose between commitment and true love.

October 1895

Mary Johannson has scars on her body that can’t compare with the scars on her heart. She is alone in the world, with no family, no prospects, and no home.

John Stewart is at his wit’s end. His wife of three years died in childbirth, leaving him with a toddler and an infant, both girls. Theirs was the love of fairy tales, and while he has no illusions about finding another like her, his children need a mother.

Though separated by thousands of miles, they commit to a mail-order marriage. But on their journey to Heartbreak, they meet another and realize the life they’d planned would be a lie. Can they find their way back from the precipice and into the love of God and each other, or are they destined to keep their word and deny their heart?

Buy link:

Donna lives in Denver with husband Patrick, her first-line editor and biggest fan. She writes historical suspense under her own name, and contemporary suspense under her alter ego of Leeann Betts. She is a hybrid author who has published a number of books under her pen name and under her own name. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Sisters In Crime; facilitates a local critique group, and teaches writing classes and courses. Donna is also a ghostwriter and editor of fiction and non-fiction, and judges in a number of writing contests. She loves history and research, and travels extensively for both. Donna is proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Management.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Rocks, Words, and a New Year


Wow! What an amazing year we've had! I look back and see God's fingerprints all over it, and that truly makes me smile! We went through some rough waters and made some major changes, but God was with us through every minute and every mile, and folks ... it doesn't get any better than that!

Last year I decided to join the "word picker crowd." You know, the people who choose a word to sort of represent the year ahead. Of course, it shouldn't just be any ol' word, but rather a word that is impressed upon you by the Lord through prayer and Bible study. A meaningful word just for you. As I thought about what my word would be in the days leading up to the new year, "Trust" kept coming to mind. I trusted the Lord, but I sensed He wanted to take me deeper. As the old hymn says, "Oh for grace to trust him more." Psalm 34:8 was perfect to go along with my word: "O taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in him." On New Year's Day I found a rock and wrote my word and my verse on it. I've kept that rock where I can see it every day of 2017. It serves as a reminder that my trust is in the Rock. When our jobs ended in August and we were unemployed for eight weeks, we trusted God had a plan. When that plan was revealed, we knew we could trust it. I never dreamed I'd be writing a blog on January 1, 2018 from a cozy little farm house in Tennessee, but here we are and we love it! Trust took on a whole new meaning for me the past year, and I'm ever so grateful for the faithful lessons God is teaching me.

A new year means a new word, and I'm already ahead of the game. Back in November I was reading in Hebrews 4 out of The Message Bible. The word "rest" is all over that chapter. I felt the Spirit telling me that was my word for 2018: Rest. So despite the frigid temperatures outside yesterday -- 17 degrees with a nippy wind! -- hubby and I set out to climb the hill behind our house and find a new rock for a new year.

Hubby searching for his rock

Although I don't necessarily make resolutions each year, I'm determined to keep the word rest as part of my daily existence.  Hebrews 4 reminds us that God gave the Israelites the promise of rest, but they didn't accept it. They constantly disobeyed God, so he basically said, "Exasperated, I vowed, 'They'll never get where they're going, never be able to sit down and rest.'" (v. 6) I don't want that to be me! I absolutely want to get where God is taking me, do the things he has planned for me, and be the woman he wants me to be.

In this new year, I am going to rest in God's ...

  • Power
  • Peace
  • Presence
  • Provision
  • Protection
  • Possibilities
  • Purposes
  • Plans
  • Promises
  • Partnership
  • Grace
  • Mercy
  • Love
  • Salvation
  • Discipline
  • Instruction
  • Word
  • Strength
  • Healing
  • Help
  • Holiness

Truthfully, the list is as endless as God's love, but you get the idea. Rest. It doesn't mean I get to be lazy and lay around for a year. I've got a job, a husband, responsibilities, and two new books releasing in February that all need my attention. But I will rest in knowing my Lord and my God has things under control.

Do you choose a word each year? I'd love for you to share it.

2017 was a year of Trust. 2018 will be a year of Rest!

I pray 2018 is a year full of God's presence and blessings in your life! I'm excited to see what the new year holds!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

An Angel's Story

What was it like to be an angel on that first Christmas? 

Excitement tingled in the air. I and all the angels of heaven, as well as those serving on earth, had been summoned to present ourselves before the LORD. Something big was happening, but no one knew what. I hurried to take my place among the multitude, anticipation making it hard to stand still. When we'd all assembled--ten thousand times ten thousand and more!---Gabriel stepped forward and stood near God's throne. The Lamb sat on a throne on God's right. He looked peaceful, serene.

God rose from his seat and everyone grew quiet.

"Today the prophecy I gave my servant Isaiah will be fulfilled." His voice thundered through the heavens.

A hushed murmur rose from the crowd of angels. We knew God spoke of the covenant he'd made with a human named Isaiah, one of God's chosen race, the Hebrews. Isaiah was obedient and faithful, and God had placed upon him the responsibility to be His voice throughout the ages to the disobedient Jews. Through Isaiah, God promised to send a Messiah, One who would save the entire world from sin. God's patience with mankind continued to amaze me. They deserved the same fate as the people in Noah's day, but God promised never to destroy them again. Instead, He set in place a plan of salvation that even I didn't fully understand.

Seeing Gabriel standing beside God, I wondered if perhaps he was being sent to save the human race. Gabriel would be a good choice. He was strong and mighty, and God had sent him to earth on other occasions.

But just when I expected God to call Gabriel forward, the Lamb stood.

A collective gasp went through the crowd. Surely not the Lamb!

"I am sending the Lamb to be a sacrifice for all mankind," God said. "Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life with us."

"No!" angels shouted all around me. "Not our Prince!"

God raised his hand for silence. "It must be so. There is no other way."

I looked and saw Michael and his army draw their swords. Relief swept through me. The Lamb would be protected. No harm would come to him.

But God instructed them to put their weapons away. "The Lamb will go alone. He will become human. He will be born of a virgin, and he will grow in wisdom and stature. After a time, however, the men of earth will reject him and kill him."

A terrible hurt rose inside me. I'd heard humans talk about something called sorrow, and I knew this must be what they meant. The pain grew deeper than anything I'd ever known as I watched my beloved Prince--heaven's treasure--depart God's presence. I didn't understand how God could allow this to happen, but I trusted Him to know what was best. He had never failed us before, and I knew He would not fail us now.

I felt a strange wetness on my face and was surprised to find tears dripping from my eyes. I looked and saw others around me wiping wetness from their faces too.

I hadn't known before.

Angels can cry.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

There's Gratitude ... and then there's GRATITUDE!

November is my favorite month of the year! The changing of seasons speaks to my soul. I've truly enjoyed all the colors of autumn in our new home. These pictures were taken just a few days apart. Isn't it amazing that we get to enjoy God's handiwork year after year, season after season? He is quite the artist!

Then there is my birthday, celebrated in the middle of the month. I'm old enough now that birthdays aren't that big of a deal. There are only three people on the planet that are required to remember my special day -- hubby and our two boys -- and honestly, they wouldn't be able to forget it if they tried! Ha! 

But each birthday is also a reminder of how blessed I am that God gave me wonderful Christ-loving parents. Our family was far from perfect, as most families are, but the one constant throughout every day of my life was the unconditional love given me by my Mom and Dad. They're both in heaven now enjoying the blessed presence of our Lord and Savior, joining in that "great cloud of witnesses" the author of Hebrews spoke of in Hebrews 12:1.
Mommy and me 54 years ago
When I make my list of blessings this week, my sweet Mommy and Daddy are right there at the top. 

But as we come into Thanksgiving week, I'm pondering what true gratitude looks like. Although you don't typically think of this biblical story at Thanksgiving time, I believe it gives us a true picture of gratitude. 

In Luke 17:11-19, Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem when he encounters ten men with leprosy. Lepers, as you probably know, were considered unclean and couldn't live among their loved ones and friends. I'm sure theirs was a life of misery, loneliness, and despair. Without modern medicine, skin conditions didn't just clear up on their own, forcing people to live their entire lives as outcasts. 

When the lepers see Jesus, they call to him: "Master, have mercy on us." Have you ever said those words to the Lord? I have, and thankfully, he did, in the same way he did that long ago day on the road.

"Go," Jesus says. "Show yourselves to the priests." And as they went, they were cleansed. One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus' feet and thanked him -- and he was a Samaritan. Jesus asked, "Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?" Then he said to him," Rise and go; your faith has made you well." 

I'm sure the other nine men were thrilled they'd been cleansed. Jesus had basically given them their lives back. But were they grateful? Did they praise God, as the Samaritan did by his act of returning to Jesus, falling at his feet, and thanking him? 

It may sound odd, but this Thanksgiving I want to be like a Samaritan leper. I don't want to take all the many, many blessings God has given me for granted. From the smallest to the largest, I want to thank my Lord, my God with a truly grateful heart. From my family heritage, to my sweet husband of thirty-plus years, to my two beautiful sons, to the wonderful new job and home we are thoroughly enjoying, to the many friends and extended family, to the freedoms we enjoy in this country, to the bounty that will be on our table Thursday afternoon ... thank you, Jesus!! Without you and your sacrifice on the cross, I would have nothing. 



Saturday, October 28, 2017

What's next, Papa?

God always has a plan!

Isn't that wonderful news? No matter what craziness is going on in the world or in our own lives, we can count on one thing: God always has a plan!

How do I know?

I've lived it! Am living it still. I look back on nearly 54 years of life on this planet and see it. Every day of my life. Every struggle I've been through. Every season, good or bad. God always had a plan!

My husband and I recently went through what initially felt like a storm, but in reality turned into the most wonderful blessing! Since November 2012 we'd worked on a ranch in Texas as the caretakers. It was an amazing life on a gorgeous property, yet it came with many, many frustrations, lots of hard work, and lots of situations that required complete trust in God. After the holidays last year, we had a sense our time on the ranch was coming to an end. Honestly, we'd known it in our hearts long before the job ended in July. With total trust that God saw our future, we packed up and temporarily moved in with my mother-in-love who graciously put up with us for eight weeks while we waited on the Lord. It may sound strange to some, but I'm grateful for those eight weeks. They were weeks that hubby and I spent in intense time on our knees and in the Word seeking God's plan for our lives. When life is going smoothly, we all too often get lazy in our walk with the Lord. Sometimes I think he allows trials to come into our lives as a reminder that we exist for his pleasure, not the other way around.

Last April, I was reading in the book of Romans in the Message Bible. Chapter 8, verses 15-16 jumped out at me:

"This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It's adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike "What's next, Papa?" God's spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. We know who he is, and we know who we are: Father and children."

Don't you love that?? We can live a life that is adventurously expectant with no fears for the future! We can ask Father God, "What's next?" with complete and total trust that he has a plan! When I underlined that phrase back in April, I had no idea what my Papa, or Abba, planned for me. I didn't know a change in jobs was around the bend. Didn't know he'd move us to a new state. But I trusted, and still do.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus that "we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." (Ephesians 2:10) I take comfort in the "in advance" part, don't you? That means God isn't surprised when things happen in our lives.

Today, I type this with complete and utter peace and confidence, knowing that I am sitting in the center of God's strong and mighty hands, loved and protected and cared for. God answered every prayer we prayed those eight long weeks by planting us on a gorgeous property, working with wonderful people who are fellow believers.

Leeland's song "Beginning and the End" really spoke to me during our weeks of praying and trusting. If you're in a season where you don't know what the future holds, listen and trust the One who does!

Blessings to you all!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Where is Your Hope in a World Full of Hopelessness?

As Hurricane Harvey moves out of Texas, the destruction left in its wake is unimaginable. From our favorite little seaside town of Port Aransas that took a severe beating from winds and surf, to the huge metropolis of Houston where friends and family have suffered the loss of homes, businesses, work, school, and all the comforts of life we take for granted. Sadly, even some precious lives have been lost in the flooding and destruction.
When faced with the uncertainties of the future, it's easy to get fearful. Very easy, in fact.

That's when the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and you have to ask yourself, "In whom do I trust?" In whom do you place your trust? In man? In jobs? In houses? As we've witnessed in Houston and Port Aransas this past week, "things" of this world are all too easily lost. A terrible storm. An illness. A fire. A flood. It's obvious to me that putting ones faith in a job, a house, money, and people is foolish.

The older I get, the more I realize there is only ONE place to put my hope, and that is in GOD. Earlier this year I was reading in Psalm 33. At the end of the chapter I wrote, "Words for 2017!" I had no idea what 2017 would hold for me, but I was determined to put my trust and hope in God. He knew we would be looking for a new job and a new home a few months after I wrote those words. I didn't, but he did.

"We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you." Psalm 33:20-22

There is a song with a chorus that goes, "If I have you and nothing else, I have everything." I've said it before and I'll say it again now: Jesus is my everything! Right now I don't have a job or a home, but you know what? I have everything  I need! God continues to bless me and my hubby, and we will wait on Him to open the right doors at the right time.

For all who are feeling hopeless today, I pray you find real, true hope in the Lord. In John 16:33 Jesus said we will have trouble in this world. I think we can all agree he was right. But getting to the other side of the trouble IS possible. I've been there, done that, and I will do it again ... and again ... and again. Not until the day Jesus takes me Home to be with him will I be free from the troubles of this world. But take heart, dear friend! Jesus has overcome the world and all its troubles! Not even death kept him in the grave.

Today is a new day! Like the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 118:24: "This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!"

If you are feeling hopeless and need prayer, please email me at AuthorMichelleShocklee It would be my honor to pray with you.