Thursday, January 8, 2009

An unjust world....

This may be a mistake. I'm writing this blog while I'm mad. I may have to use the delete button for a lot more than typos. We'll see.

While I won't get into specific details about the situation I'm angry about, I will say it has to do with my husband losing his job. And, not only losing his job with a company where he'd worked for over 23 years, but not receiving any type of severance or the four weeks of unused vacation or anything to show their appreciation for the many years of tireless dedication and hard work Brian gave that company.

We learned that Brian's former company laid off a number of managers yesterday. One in particular was directly responsible for Brian losing his job. I'm assuming these people received a severance package.

Where is justice?

Where is fairness?

Not at Golfsmith.

And not in much of this world.

That is why our hope...our trust...our faith HAS to be in Jesus Christ!! The world will let you down. Your friends will let you down. Your loved ones, even, will let you down.

Jesus will never let you down!

I'm still mad. Looks like I'm going to have to give this one up to the Lord and let Him do a healing in my heart.

God is so good! When we ask, He answers. After I wrote the above blog post, I spent some serious time spilling my heart out to my Savior. Admittedly, much of the beginning was whining. "Why, Lord? It isn't fair! Wah, wah, wah."

Then I asked him a specific question: Why didn't Brian get a severance package and his unused vacation when all those other people did????

The Lord answered immediately! "I don't need a severance package to take care of you."

Thank you, Jesus! I'm letting this whole episode go, trusting Him to see to our needs, and not holding it against others who are involved.

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