Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Last Supper...

Today is the day the Last Supper would have taken place. The Thursday before Jesus was crucified on the cross for your sins and mine. The Passover meal, or the Feast of Unleavened Bread, was shared in an upper room that was surprisingly ready for Jesus and his disciples, even though they hadn't made reservations or hired a caterer or anything. All was planned ahead of time by God.

One person I keep thinking about is Judas. My gut tells me Judas simply did not get who Jesus was, otherwise there is no way he could have betrayed him. At least not in my mind, anyway. I do realize that Satan entered Judas at some point that night (one of only two times we read of Satan himself actually entering a person; the other is the Anti-Christ in Revelation). I realize Judas' heart did not fully belong to the Lord. I realize God, and therefore Jesus, knew what Judas would do long before the deed was done. I understand it all had to take place as prophesied.

But Judas......Why?! Why did you do it? Why did you sell your soul for thirty pieces of silver? A fortune in those days, perhaps, but certainly not worth betraying the Lord of lords and King of kings, thereby losing all hope of spending eternity in paradise. Instead you died in shame. Jesus himself said it would be better if you'd never been born.

I believe Judas had a choice, just like you and I have a choice. I believe God gave Judas the same opportunity to do the right thing that He gives us today, but Judas chose not to.

How many people today are making the same choice Judas made? How many people are choosing to live in sin, when they know it's wrong? How many people deny who Jesus is, when the longing deep in their heart tells them the truth?

May the Hope and the Truth of Easter be yours.

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