Saturday, April 4, 2009

Me and the yard...




Those are the sounds coming from me today. I've been working in the yard! Have to admit it's been a gorgeous day here in Central Texas. If you know me at all, you know I'm a lover of Winter and Fall. But today was a truly spectacular Spring day! Hubby is off on his annual fishing trip--left Tuesday & won't be back until tomorrow--so I thought I'd get outside and do some yard work. It needed it after many months of winter (not cold winter, but just winter). We also had a pretty good wind storm the other day, so leaves and even packing popcorn were all over my yard. In the end, I raked and filled 5 large leaf bags. Then I mowed the front yard (15 yr. old son mowed the back). I also trimmed our crepe myrtles and some new shoots growing at the base of our big trees in the front yard. I swept the sidewalk and porch, and cleaned off the front door that had winter grime on it. I must say I'm pleased with my accomplishment, but oh, the aches and pains! Tylenol PM will be my friend tonight!!

I'm kinda like the yard, ya know? I'm growing as a person and as a Christian all the time. Just like yard work, Michelle-work is never done. Thankfully the Gardner is patient and is in this for the long haul!

Have a blessed Palm Sunday tomorrow. Remember that "even the rocks" would cry out in praise of Jesus if we don't!

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