Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Science and a Christian writer...

OK. Let me make something clear that may not be clear.

I think science is a great thing!

I am not a science hater by any means. I am amazed at the things science has uncovered over the years. I am amazed by the knowledge scientists have about the universe and the earth and humans!

BUT... (and it's a big but!)...

There are two kinds of science in my opinion. Science that goes hand in hand with the Bible, and science that does it's best to discredit the Bible. To me, the more we discover about space and planets and stars and atoms and DNA and geology and...etc, etc... points more and more to God! The complexity of everything we see can only point to God! There is absolutely no way you or I could have evolved from scum in a pond! There is absolutely no way all the different fruit trees and vegetables could have evolved from organisms crawling around on the ground. Humans and animals and plants and stars and planets and everything we see were DESIGNED! There is perfect order to the universe that could not have just happened over time.

So, what about evolution?

It would be silly to claim evolution does not exist in the plant and animal world. No, I'm not contradicting what I just said about evolution. There is scientific proof that cannot be disputed. And doesn't need to be. Evolution of this kind doesn't try to discredit God or His word.

But did people evolve from apes or some other creature? No. That's where evolutionary science goes haywire. There is no proof that humans evolved from apes. Remains continue to be found--like Ida--that puzzle scientists, but offer no "proof" that Ida is our great, great grandmother! It's ridiculous to even suggest such a thing!

Did Adam and Eve look like we do today?

Skeletons found from different time periods sometimes differ in small ways. Height. Bone structure. Skull shape. To say Adam and Eve looked just like us would be a guess. But I imagine they looked very similar. They were made in God's image and so are we.

Obviously I am not a scientist. I'm not an expert of anything. These are just my opinions and things I've learned over the years. But I'm a fairly intelligent person and I like to read and learn things. I've changed my views on different things throughout my 45 years because I've learned more and gained more wisdom. Studying the Bible on my own has opened my eyes to some truths that were not as clear when I was younger. One truth being that God says what He means!

So, there you have it. Science and a Christian writer. Are the two compatible? Yes, but...

We Texans have a saying: Don't mess with Texas!

Well, this Christian has a saying directed at science: Don't mess with God!

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