Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Biblical Soap Opera...

Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Those are the three main characters in a story that reminds me of a soap opera! Genesis 29-31 tell their story. In a nutshell:

Jacob goes to his mother's family to find a wife and falls in love with Rachel. Laban, Rachel's father, says Jacob can marry Rachel in seven years if Jacob will work for him. Jacob says yes and the years simply fly because of his great love for Rachel. On his wedding night, however, Laban pulls a fast one. He gives his oldest daughter, Leah, to Jacob instead.

Michelle says: How could Jacob not have known it was Leah?!

Well, Jacob is one unhappy groom the next morning and confronts his father-in-law. Laban says their custom is that the oldest daughter needs to get married first, so he tells Jacob he can also marry Rachel...for another seven years of service.

As you can imagine, Leah and Rachel ain't too happy to share a husband. God sees that Leah is unloved and blesses her with children. Rachel wants a family, so she does what Sarah did way back in Genesis 16. She gives her maid to Jacob to become his wife so the maid can have children for Rachel to raise, though she does have her own children down the road. Leah also gives her maid to Jacob a few years later so she can out-do her sister.

Good grief!! What a mess!

But did God bless that mess?

You bet He did! God takes imperfect people and uses them to bring His glory and purpose on earth. Jacob is listed in the lineage of Jesus in Matthew 1. His children became the Twelve Tribes of Israel. God did amazing things despite the mess Jacob and his wives created!

I don't know about you, but that gives me hope!! I can't begin to count how many times I've made a mess of things! Yet God steps in and cleans it up, or walks me through it, depending on the mess.

If your life feels like a soap opera right now, don't give up hope! God can do wonderful things despite our failings.

Thank goodness!!

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