Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our sin doesn't affect God's glory!

I had one of those neat 'revelation' moments driving home a little while ago. I was listening to KLOVE, the national Christian radio station, and The Newsboys new song "Glorious" was playing. LOVE. IT!!

As I was singing along, this powerful message popped into my mind:

Our sin does not affect God's glory!!

When we stumble and fall, God remains glorious! When we absolutely screw things up, God's glory still shines! We make choices every single day of whether we will follow God, love His Son, and live our lives in obedience. But no matter what choice we make, God's glory will always be! I don't know about you, but those are powerful words to me. Man's sin and ideas and failures can't ever dim God's glory! He will remain who He is forever and ever, despite all the crud going on in the world!


Here are the words to The Newsboys "Glorious" off their "In the Hands of God" CD as well as a video link. Enjoy!

And if I sing out in the dark of night
Or praise You in the light of dawn
Hear my song
And lift me on Your wings

And if I worship You in solitude
Or join a choir ten thousand strong
Hear my song 'Til all creation sings

Glorious Shining so glorious
Though I stumble, though I fall
You remain glorious
Towards Your light I come running, I come running
Into Your arms I come running, I come running

You have searched me
You have known my heart
You've heard my every anxious thought
Hear my song It's all I have to bring

Though the battles come, this much is known:
The victory's won by You alone
Hear my song My Savior and My King
Every faithless mission
Every false ambition

Here, I lay them at your feet
As in heaven, as on earth
I will ever sing Your worth
You alone make me complete

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