Sunday, October 18, 2009

When the Lord Speaks, I Need to Listen!

So I went to church today expecting to hear a great, inspiring message.

What I came away with was so much more!

God has been speaking directly to me for several weeks now. No, no, I haven't heard rumblings in the heavens or a thunderous voice call out to me. It hasn't even been that still, small voice in my heart. Instead He's been using His servants to speak His word to me. Loud and clear. It began in Denver back in September at the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference.

Keynote Debbie Macomber spoke it.

My agent, Les Stobbe, spoke it.

After I got home, my two critique partners spoke it.

Then my pastor spoke it in several different messages on going Forward!

GOD himself spoke it during my Bible time and prayer time.

I even spoke it when I posted here on this blog on October 11 and 15.

What is IT???

It's very simple, really.

"I AM."

God has been saying:

"I Am your dreams and visions."

"I Am the reason you write!"

"I Am the Cause and the Purpose!"

"I Am the answer to your prayers!"

"I Am your Promised Land!"

"I Am your fulfillment!"

"I Am the author of your life!"

"I Am."

So I ask, is there anything more than that?

The answer is no. There's not.

He is enough.

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