Sunday, January 17, 2010

I give in!

OK. I confess. I've been a hater of technology. I resisted the Internet when it first became available. I'm not big on TV watching and don't like cable/satellite--too much garbage! And I reeeeeeally didn't want to get into the whole world of texting! It just seemed silly. Why not just call the person instead?


Today I officially give up my dislike of all things technological.

Why, you ask?

I'll tell ya.

I'm in Santa Fe, NM as I write this post. My hubby and kids are back in Texas. Thanks to technology, I haven't missed them nearly as much as I would have without it. I was "with" them yesterday while they waited for their lunch at Chili's. (I called hubby on his cell phone.) I saw that hubby had rented a movie for the evening via RedBox. (Read the e-mail confirmation.) I knew my boys had their friends over to hang out. (Text from #1 son.) Technology has kept me close to my loved ones even though I'm 700 miles away.

But the thing that finally convinced me today that technology isn't the hairy monster I've always thought it to be was this: I was able to join my church family via LiveStream this morning!!

Our awesome church, Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX Live Streams all of their Sunday services. I sang along with them. I prayed with them. I took notes just like I would if I'd been there while listening to Pastor Joe bring an amazing message on "What Fuels You?" I even got to see my sweet hubby's head in the crowd!!

I still believe there is too much evil going through the airwaves and along the world wide web highways and byways. Satan has definitely claimed television, radio and Internet as a tool of his trade.

But now I see that God is alive and well on the Internet, too!! He is using technology for His purposes and His will and that's awesome!

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Paula Bicknell said...

I so agree with you! It took me awhile to "give in" but now that I have, here I am on your blog with you!