Friday, March 29, 2013

The "Good" in Friday

Good Friday.

It's a bit of an oxymoron. As a kid, I always wondered why we call the day Jesus was crucified "good." "Black Friday" or "Sad Friday" seemed more appropriate.

I understand it now.

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Jesus suffered a brutal death on Friday. That isn't the good part. I am ashamed and broken when I think about him being mocked, beaten, spit upon, kicked, wounded by a thorny crown, and finally nailed to a cross to die an excruciatingly horrific death. Because of me. Because of you. Because of our sin. There is nothing good found in any of that. There is nothing good in knowing that each of us played a part in his death, even though we weren't there. There is a song out that says, "I am the thorn in your crown. I am the nail in your hand. I am Judas' kiss." Oh, how my heart aches to know the truth in those words.

Yet why do we call today Good Friday?

Because the good is found in his great love for you and me!

The good is found in his willingness to die for our sins!

The good is found in knowing we can have life eternal because of his death!

The good is yours for the asking! A free gift! Given to you by your Father in heaven.

Today is Good Friday!

And it truly is!

If you don't know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, today is the perfect day to meet Him! He loves you so very, very much. Read through the Gospel of John if you aren't sure who Jesus is or what He's all about. I'd love to share the Good News with you, too, so feel free to send me an email at MichelleShocklee@MichelleShocklee dot com.

Sunday is coming, folks! Hallelujah!

Have a blessed Easter!


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