Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been doing a lot of thinking the past few days about what it means to be a cupbearer. More specifically, what it means for ME to be a cupbearer. When I wrote my blog post a few days ago on the cupbearer to the king (see previous post) I knew the words were true but I hadn't truly applied them to my life. I mean, I definitely want to be a good cupbearer, but I think my focus was more on what happened after Nehemiah left his cupbearing duties behind and walked into the purpose God had for him. I think most of us want to hurry up the process and get on with the good, fulfilling stuff God has planned for us in life, right? The daily grind and struggles certainly aren't where I want to stay. I know God has some amazing things planned for my future and I'm anxious to get to them!

But this week God in His oh-so-gentle way has reminded me that the cupbearer is who He has called me to be right now.

Not the king...or queen, in my female case. Not the glorified wall builder.

Just a cupbearer.

I had a humbling time on my knees with the Father this morning as I accepted this truth. I wept. I whined. I repented. I smiled. I even laughed at myself. Why God puts up with me I will never, ever know, but I'm so thankful He does!

So...I am a cupbearer to The King.

And I am content.

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