Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Musings of a Denver Broncos Fan

I've been a Denver Broncos fan a long time. Since they are the only Rocky Mountain NFL team, it left me little choice. For a brief time in college I liked the Oakland Raiders, but it was really more about their black uniforms than anything else. (Hey, I was a college girl. What'd'ya expect?!) But once I discovered the Orange Crush, I never looked back.

Every Super Bowl Sunday, no matter who is playing, I faithfully put on my John Elway jersey and my Broncos baseball cap. I also have a couple old, ratty T-shirts declaring the Broncos Super Bowl champs in 1997 and 1998. Thanks to my wonderful hubby I keep warm all winter in my Broncos Snuggie. Thanks to my sweet friend and fellow Broncos fan, Terri, I drive around town with my Texas license plate framed by a Denver Broncos plate holder and hang Broncos 'candy canes' on my Christmas tree each year. We have a Broncos beanie baby bear and a small Elway jersey my youngest son wore when he was five years old. (Gotta recruit 'em young!)

Yep. I'm a Denver Broncos fan, even when they're losing. The past few seasons I've lost a few bets with our friend Eddie who is, like my hubby, a Dallas Cowboy's fan. (It's the price you pay for marrying a Texan.) One year I had to buy Eddie and his lovely wife a steak dinner because my beloved Broncos did not perform to my expectations. I've done the Mile High salute when we're winning and I've moaned and groaned as I mourned our losses.

But in all the years I've been a Broncos fan, I have never been prouder to say that than I am this year. No, they haven't had a great year. In fact it seemed like they were out of it pretty early in the season. I didn't even make a bet with Eddie this year 'cuz I knew they didn't have a chance.

But then...something happened!

Or I suppose I should say someone happened.

Tim Tebow came on the scene. The Broncos powers-that-be finally decided to give the kid a chance. Did he wow them? Nope. Did he wow the fans? Nope. Even I have to admit his passes are rather, um, imperfect. But one thing about Tim Tebow is that he will not give up! He doesn't let the negativity of the fans or the critics keep him from going out on the field and giving 100%! One of his greatest attributes is that he truly believes he can lead his team to victory, no matter the odds.

And you know what happened? They started winning! This past Sunday night they beat the Steelers in a playoff game with one of the most exciting finishes ever! You can bet I'll be rooting them all the way to the Super Bowl this year!

But as you might guess, my pride isn't all focused on the football field. It's on the quarterback himself. Tim Tebow is a young man who lives his faith in Jesus Christ out loud. Since I'm old enough to be Timmy's mother, I feel an almost motherly pride in that kid. As he himself said, he's been given this amazing platform to proclaim the Gospel message and he won't be silent. He is not an in-your-face evangelical zealot. He shares his faith quietly yet so loudly the entire world is taking notice. As a college quarterback for Florida he wore scripture verses on his eye black. As an NFL quarterback, he is faithful to give God all the glory for any successes that come his way. "Tebowing" is now a common word for anyone taking a knee to offer a prayer of thanks and John 3:16 was one of the most Googled phrases this past weekend after Tim's stats in the game against Pittsburg revealed he'd passed for an awe-inspiring 316 yards.

Yep. I'm a Denver Broncos fan, but I'm also a Tim Tebow fan. I don't know if he'll go down in history as one of the great quarterbacks---he could, given time and practice!--- but I am firmly on his team. I pray he'll continue to handle the fame and fortune with as much grace and integrity as he's shown over the past five or six years of being in the limelight. I pray he'll be an example for young men who want to wait for marriage before they have sex. I pray he'll continue to use his position to do great things in the world, like he's already doing through his foundation. Tim, I believe, fully understands that he is a servant of the Most High God. And like the servant in the story Jesus told in Matthew 25, I am confident when I say Tim Tebow will one day hear the words we all long to hear:

"Well done, good and faithful servant!" (v. 21, 23)

I think I'll order a new Broncos jersey. Tebow's #15!!

(P.S. Here is a link to a great blog by author Randy Alcorn who is friends with Tim Tebow and his parents. It's about how Timmy spoiled Randy's upcoming weekend by winning against the Steelers.)

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