Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Laughter Hides Their Silent Cries

"Laughter hides their silent cries."

That is one of the lines in the song, "People Need the Lord" by Steve Green. This week, we know the truth in those words. I was stunned, along with the rest of the world, to hear the news about Actor and Comedian Robin Williams and how he took his own life. I can't even imagine the depth of pain one must feel to do such a horrific deed. By the world's standards, he had it all. Fame, fortune, adoring fans. But the stories coming out also tell of drugs and alcohol and depression. My heart hurts for his family.

People need the Lord.

I have no idea what Robin Williams believed about Jesus Christ. I don't know where he will spend eternity. He made his life choices about these things. There is no turning back the clock. His life on earth, with all the earthly treasures he accumulated, is over.

People need the Lord.

There are people in my life who need the Lord. Friends. Loved ones. A family I pray for daily. When will they realize, the song lyrics go. But it also goes on to say, "They must hear the words of life only we can share."

Did anyone share those words of life with Robin? We'll probably never know. But there may be folks each of us knows who are, like Robin Williams, at the end of their hope. We have to open our mouths and shed the light on THE Hope of the world.

People need the Lord.

"Lord, help me share the hope found only in You!"

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Chrys Chaparro said...

I always loved hearing Pastor Leidy sing this song in the little Santa Fe Nazarene Church back in the day...