Friday, May 20, 2016

Fiction Friday: Until the Day Breaks by Paula Scott

I love reading a great book, don't you? I also love recommending a great book! Today is your lucky day, because I'm going to tell you about a book you must read! If you enjoy history and romance, this book is for you.

Until the Day Breaks by Paula Scott is a powerful tale of love, passion, war and faith. Set against the backdrop of California's tumultuous history, a young woman finds her loyalties tested beyond limit and her desires torn beyond measure in 1846 California. Paula's mesmerizing style of writing will carry you away, allowing you to experience the setting and characters in such a way you won't want to put the book down. The historical details are intricately woven into the tale, and my imagination easily produced a picture of a California I was not familiar with. Paula is a 5th generation Californian, so she definitely knows her stuff.

While I don't want to give you too much of the story, here's a little appetizer to tide you over until you get your own copy of this amazing book:

Rachel, a devout Protestant, is summoned to California where her father lives. He has embraced the life of a Californian, marrying a young Spanish woman, and securing his place in the gent de razon, the ruling class of California. Although she is engaged to marry a minister back in Massachusetts, Rachel learns her father has betrothed her to Roman, a proud Catholic Spanish soldier willing to die for his homeland. Neither she nor Roman want the marriage, yet neither can they deny the passion that stirs their hearts for one another.

With the threat of war looming over them, danger lurks in the most unlikely places. Who can be trusted? Roman and Rachel ultimately face the choice we all come to in life: will they trust God for their future or take matters into their own hands?

Until the Day Breaks is available now! Just click the link.


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