Monday, February 18, 2008

Funny thing about obedience....

It's a bit ironic that my last post was on obedience. My hope, I said in that post, was that my kids would be obedient.'s a little story about something that happened with my oldest son last weekend...

Taylor has been driving for almost a year. When he turned sixteen, we bought him a 1998 Ford Mustang to tool around town in. It's a fun little car! Taylor loves it! However, I can't tell you how many times I have cautioned Taylor about speeding and driving with care! I always receive the pat-answer, "I know, Mom. I know."

Mr. "I know, Mom" was out with several of his friends last Sunday evening. They were bored and decided to drive to a nearby town. Four of them took their cars with only one passenger. They all admit to speeding and passing each other. Turns out someone saw them and reported them as 'reckless'. When they arrived at their destination, they pulled into a convenience store for snacks and drinks. One boy needed gas. There were two police cars in the parking lot of the store. Taylor and four of the boys went inside the store. One of the police officers followed them in, acting as though he was going to the restroom, but didn't. After a few moments of watching them, he yelled at them to get outside. All five boys were lined up against the store, had their ID's checked, were patted down, and finally had their cars searched. They also endured a barrage of foul language and completely inappropriate comments from at least one of the officers. All of the parents were called---Yes, I received a call from a cop about my kid! Oy vey!!

The incident was very upsetting to the boys. While they admit to speeding and passing each other, they hadn't done anything deserving of being patted down, having their cars searched, and being verbally assaulted. I was really angry with Taylor for speeding and being in a town he didn't have permission to be in. But when I learned of all they had to endure, my anger turned to the police officers. (We parents have decided to write letters to the Sheriff and report the deputy's behavior.)

But the fact remains that Taylor did not obey us. He was speeding. He was passing when there was no need. And he did not have permission to be where he was. Taylor is the only one of the five boys involved that received punishment. We grounded him for a week. He also had to listen to MANY speeches about speeding and car accidents and teen deaths and how his insurance will sky-rocket if he gets even one ticket. My husband and I definitely want Taylor to think about his actions and his choices.

Eli had to learn about disobedience the hard way. He suffered for it, too. Taylor, I hope, has learned something about disobedience.

Disobedience. It can cost you!

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