Tuesday, November 25, 2008

They got angry at the blind guy!

I'm reading in the book of John these days. Chapter 9 tells the story of a man blind from birth and how Jesus healed him. What an amazing, life-changing event!! Imagine your son or brother or uncle or whatever has been blind since the day he was born. His eyes may have been sunken in or somehow not 'normal.' He's a grown man now, having to beg for a living. JESUS spits in the dirt, makes some mud, puts it on the blind man's eyes, then tells him to go wash it off in a specific pool. The man does exactly what JESUS says to do. Wah-la! He can see!! Truly amazing!! (Do you think he would have been healed if he'd just gone home and washed it off? Nope. I don't. LESSON: Obey Jesus' word exactly!!)


The story doesn't end there. The Pharisees--you know, the big-wigs in the church who know everything --got mad. Really mad. To the point that they started to get angry with the man who'd been blind but could now see!!!

Good grief!!

What was in these Pharisees hearts that made them soooooo hard that they couldn't see the wonderful miracle right before their very eyes? Jesus told them they were the ones that were blind and that is so true.

I don't want to be blind!! I don't want to miss the miracles Jesus is doing each and every day!!

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