Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama agenda: Kill more babies...

I find it discouraging that on his first day as President of the United States, President Obama continued with his plans to allow and fund more abortions. Is that really what this country needs? More abortions?! Is that really a top priority, considering the state of the country?! I think not.

It's going to be a long four years, folks. A loooong four years. *sigh*

Here is my position on abortion:

There is NEVER a good reason to have an abortion. NEVER! Not because of age, young or old. Not because of marital status. Not because of economic status. Not because of rape. Not because of incest. Not for any reason under the sun. There is NEVER a good reason to have an abortion. Period.

As a woman who has experienced two pregnancies, I fully understand what it means to have a life growing inside of my body. And I fully understood that the very life growing there was NOT my life. Yes, it was a part of my body, but temporarily. It was a separate person from me. He had his own heart, his own brain, his own soul. He is the same person today that he was then, only bigger. When I first learned I was pregnant with my son, Taylor, I read every book on pregnancy I could get my hands on. The miracle that was taking place within my womb was amazing! At six weeks, we saw his tiny heart beating on an ultrasound monitor. A few weeks later we could hear it. We saw his head, his arms, his legs. He was a perfectly formed tiny human being in there. All of this took place within the first trimester--the first three months--when the "experts" tell us the baby is not a baby, it's a fetus. Sorry, Mr./Mrs. Expert! That is a BABY!!!

What if there is something 'wrong' with the baby?

Does this mean that only "normal" or "perfect" people should exist? That only "normal" or "perfect" people should be loved? The day you start believing this to be true is the day you need to look in the mirror! The person looking back at you is as imperfect as they come!! You are no better than a mentally or physically handicapped person!!

Isn't it the woman's right and choice to have an abortion?

A woman who makes the choice to have sexual intercourse is at risk for pregnancy. Plain and simple. If you don't want to become pregnant, don't have sex. But if you do and you find yourself pregnant, having an abortion is NOT an option. You gave up any "rights" you had the moment you had sex. It is now your obligation to carry the pregnancy to term, because the life inside you IS NOT YOURS!

What about rape and incest victims?

My heart breaks for women who have suffered rape or incest. It would be especially painful to find yourself pregnant after such a horrific event. But will killing the life inside you make it better? Will it make the rape go away? No. Having an abortion will only add to the horror. The baby conceived in such cases is not a monster. It's a tiny, innocent person who does not deserve to die simply because it exists.

There are so many, many couples who cannot have children of their own. They would love to adopt a baby. I know of at least a dozen families with adopted children. They would not have these children had the mother's had an abortion.

What about when the mother's life is in danger?

When is one life more important than another? Can doctor's look into the future and know for certain the mother will die if she continues with the pregnancy? No. Would it be better to live, knowing you took your child's life instead? I don't think so.

I have a number of women in my life who had abortions as young women. Every single one of them regrets that decision. Every single one of them feels guilt. Every single one wonders what that child would have been like, who it might have become.

Bottom line: Abortion is not a choice. It's murder.

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Anonymous said...

What people do not understand is that the baby has no problems. no going through life, no worrying about going to heaven, they are there immediately. "Suffer the little children unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Mark 10:14 (paraphrased) The ones with the problem and who desperately need our prayers are the doctors, nurses and would have been mothers. They not only have to live with that decesion but THEY WILL COME FACE TO FACE WITH THAT LITTLE ONE AT THEIR JUDGMENT! What a horrible thought, to have to face them and give an explanation as to why you didn't see them worthy to have life.