Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kids and Morals...

Raising kids in today's sex-saturated society is NOT easy! Everywhere you turn, sex is in our faces. On TV. On the computer. At school. It sometimes feels like an uphill battle, teaching values and morals to kids. I suppose there are parents that simply don't care if their kid is jumping in and out of bed with who-knows-who, carrying who-knows-what kind of diseases, giving their hearts and bodies away to people they will never see again. I personally know two women who are living with the consequences of their promiscuous teenage years. Both contracted sexually transmitted diseases and now neither can have children of their own. I also know a woman who became pregnant as a teenager, twice. The first baby she aborted. The second she kept. Thankfully she gave her life to the Lord and is now married (not to the father of her baby) with several other children. She grieves every day for her first child though. Another friend had a baby at 16 and gave him up for adoption. She receives pictures of her son, but will never know him.

Kids simply don't understand there is a price to pay when they make the choice to have sex.

I happen to care very much about my two teenage sons and have spent the past eighteen years doing my absolute best to teach them Godly values. My husband and I have made Church a priority their entire lives and they continue to be involved in their Youth Group. We've made devotions a part of our weekly routine so we can get deeper into the Bible as a family. We've done our best to model a healthy, Christ-centered marriage for them, as did their grandparents on both sides, with the hope they will have the same when they eventually get married.

But I'm no fool. I fully understand the Enemy will continue to fight against me and all that I've tried to instill in my kids. He'll tempt them every single day of their lives.

So what can I do?

PRAY! I know God loves my kids so much more than I ever could. He has a wonderful plan for their lives and wants the very best for them!

TALK!! We've always talked to our kids about everything, sex included. We've talked about living Godly lives. We've talked about marriage and waiting for the woman that God has prepared for them, just like He prepared Eve for Adam. (Gen 2) You can be assured I'll keep talking! You never can tell how much is sinking in. :)

FIGHT!!! I'll do everything I can to keep my kids safe and that includes staying sexually safe. I've made it clear that our computers are never to be used for viewing pornography and they will be monitored. TV, too. I'll talk to the parents of their friends, most of whom are thankfully kids they know from church. So far we haven't had to deal with girlfriends, but when that day comes, you can believe Mom will speak to the young couple about sex, too.

In the end, though, all I can do is leave my kids in God's loving hands. It's the best place for them.

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