Monday, March 30, 2009

Going in the right direction...

Our house is not very big, but to a little wiener dog--a.k.a. Copper--it's a mansion filled with all kinds of interesting things to smell, lick and yes, chew. This morning I was trying to convince him he should not take a right turn when he leaves the living room. Trouble awaits him when he turns right. Both of our boys bedrooms and their bathroom are there. As with most teenagers, there are clothes, wallets, empty snack bags, etc, usually littering the floors. In my 15 yr old sons room, there are also containers with food for his critters. The boy's bathroom is also down that part of the hallway, which is a favorite place for Copper to find tissues in the trash can or a pair of underwear my youngest son left laying on the floor after he took a shower.

The bottom line is Copper should not go right! He needs to go left, which takes him to my bedroom, which is also his bedroom. Hubby and I have slept with this dog for ten years now and that's not about to change anytime soon. We've doggie proofed our bathroom, too, so he can't get into the trash, the clothes hamper, etc. We don't leave food or snack stuff laying around and we make sure anything that might be tempting to chew is put away.

Going the right direction is important to little dogs and to us! How many wrong paths have you taken in your life that led you into trouble? Many, I'm sure. Just like me. But like Copper, we have an Owner, so to speak, who is constantly trying to show us the right way to go. Sometimes He admonishes us gently when we take a wrong turn. Sometimes He has to holler to get our attention. But He never gives up, because He loves us and wants to keep us safe and healthy.

Copper gave up his attempts at going down the wrong hall. He's now curled up on my bed, under the covers, of course! But I'm not fooled. I know he'll try going into those off-limits room again and again and again and....

Make sure you're on the right path today!

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