Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday...

When I was a kid, I could never figure out why we called today Good Friday. What was so good about it, I wondered? Jesus was betrayed, arrested, slandered, beaten, spit upon, kicked, flogged, and finally crucified. What possible "good" is there to be found in all of that?!

It was much later in life that I finally figured out the "good" in this Friday wasn't good for Jesus. It was good for me. And for you.

Jesus suffered all the above for one reason. Because he loves me and you so much, he didn't want us to have to go through that torture. He didn't want us to have to pay the ultimate penalty for our sins, which is death.

So he took it all on himself. My sin. Your sin. Your neighbors sin. It was all heaped on him.

Today is truly Good Friday. If you don't know how good, then you are missing the most wonderful gift anyone has ever given you! Read Luke 22-24 for the whole love story.

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