Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm a proud Mama...

I was finally able to get my oldest son, Taylor, to agree to having some pictures made of him for his Senior graduation announcements. We had the professional ones done that the school recommends, but, good grief! I don't have $500 bucks to spend on pic's! Not even of my fantastically wonderful son!

So, he and I drove out to my favorite park, Berry Springs Park, yesterday afternoon. (I blogged about this park on February 7, if you're interested.)Since his Ford Mustang is a big part of his life, I thought I'd include her in the pic's. He even gave her a bath for 'em.

Here are just a couple of the pic's I took. Taylor is a tall, handsome, really great kid! I am so proud of him! I am going to miss him terribly when he leaves for school in June, but I'm also happy and excited for him! I'm sure I'll blog about all that in a couple months.

That's my kid! Ain't he grand!?

(Thankfully he didn't get bitten by the HUGE Army ants that were crawling around on that tree! We didn't see them until we were finished taking the pic's! Ooops!)

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