Friday, May 15, 2009

Fire the maid!!

"Fire the maid!!"

That's what I told my oldest son yesterday when he came looking for clean socks. A certain basket of clean laundry has been sitting on my bedroom floor for a week now. In it are all the whites, including socks. For some unknown reason, there are just times when I absolutely do not feel like putting away clean laundry! I guess I figure it was an achievement just to get 'em clean and dry.

OK. I'll be honest. It all comes down to this:

I'm lazy.

Well, at least I am sometimes. I think all the conveniences we have these days contributes to laziness, too. I mean, I didn't have to scrub those socks in a pot of boiling water until my knuckles were raw. I didn't have to wring them out and hang them out to dry. All I had to do was throw them into a washer, add soap, and turn the thing on. When it finished the job, I tossed them into a dryer. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about all that hard work. NOT!

Sometimes we get lazy in our walk with the Lord, too. Some days I'm guilty of not allowing enough time in the mornings to read my Bible and spend some time on my knees. Rush, rush, rush. Gotta check my e-mail. Gotta read the headlines. Gotta get the kids off to school. Gotta get myself ready for work. And then I'm gone, without having stopped to even say "Good morning, Lord." But all this would be solved if I'd just get up earlier. Even thirty minutes. But I don't. Because I'm lazy.

But God won't fire me, just like my family won't fire me either. Thankfully God and my family are patient with my faults. That doesn't mean I shouldn't try harder though. It doesn't mean being lazy is good.

I'll try harder. I promise.

I need to sign off now. Need to have my morning devotions. And you know what I'll do after that?

I'll put that basket of laundry away.

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