Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Mother's Heart...

I had my first work published in 1996. It was a poem called "A Mother's Heart." It is below. Strange how insightful I was back then when my little boys were only 5 & 3. These words are painfully true today as I move my oldest son to Dallas to begin his life as a college man, living away from home.

"He came into the world
A tiny new life.
So helpless and needy
He is my heart's delight.

Small legs grew strong and sure
And as an autumn leaf in a gentle breeze
He was carried away from me.
He is my heart's sadness.

Every inch that he grows
Every accomplishment made
A feeling wells up from within.
He is my heart's pride.

A man, they call him now
A tiny babe I see.
A life of his own he wants to begin.
He is my heart's sorrow.

Farewells are bittersweet
He turns to go, then waits.
"I love you, Mom," he whispers.
He is my heart's joy!"

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Chrys Chaparro said...

Meech, As I read your words, tears are impossible to hold in! I guess only another mother can understand (at least on this earth!) how wrenching it is to let our children go out on their own! You all are in my prayers, and I will pray God's protection and guidance for Taylor! We love you guys!! - Chrys <3