Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Blog Post #11: Cards. To send or not to send...

...that is the question!

For years I've sent Christmas cards with a newsy letter sharing our highs and lows from the year. This year...only a handful of folks will get a card from me minus the letter. I just didn't have the umph to write it, buy cute stationary paper and print 'em out.

And to be perfectly honest, I didn't even buy any cards this year. This past summer while we were visiting my mom, I found a brand new box of Christmas cards she'd never used. Mom was always buying things and stashing them away for later use. There is no telling when she purchased this box. It looks several years old but the cards themselves are lovely. Two childlike angels are surrounded by gold edges with the word "PEACE". Since Mom no longer sends out her own cards--THANK YOU to my brother and sis-in-law for sending out Mom's cards!!--I brought the angel cards home with me.

A few days ago I got them out to begin addressing the envelopes and found a little green card at the bottom of the box. It is apparently from the printing company. I want to share what it said with you:


God grant you peace at Christmas
And fill your heart with cheer;
God grant you health and happiness
Throughout the coming year.

God guide you with His wisdom
And keep you in His care;
This is our special wish for you--
This is our Christmas prayer.


Chrys Chaparro said...

:'} great post, as usual Meech!! We wish mom could enjoy Christmas and life in general...

Cathy said...

I'll use my new iPhone app this year for sending Christmas greeting cards:

Michelle Shocklee said...

Thanks, Chrys! I wish that too!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Cathy, and for leaving a post. I think electronic cards are a fun idea!