Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Blog Post #12: The Best Gift Ever!

I've been lucky enough--no, BLESSED enough--to receive some pretty awesome gifts over the years. I remember the year I found a stuffed Teddy Bear and a baby doll named Butterball under the tree when I was a little girl. I still have both of those toys tucked away in my grandma's cedar chest, awaiting the very distant arrival of a grandchild. I also remember the year I received my first curling iron. I was about twelve and on the verge of young womanhood. It was purple and white and I loved it! No more pink sponge rollers for me!

My sweet husband has given me some wonderful gifts throughout our marriage. One year I received diamond earrings. Another year I received a beautiful white coat. Last year he absolutely surprised me with a way cool antique school desk!! I've wanted one for ages!

This year will be rather sparse as far as gift-giving goes. The bad economy has hit us fairly hard this year and there just isn't money to spend on a lot of non-necessities. But you know what? I don't really care. Christmas is NOT about the "stuff" to me. Like the Who's in Who-ville, I've come to understand that Christmas will still come without all the decorations, the feast (with Who roast beast!) and even without the presents, because the best and greatest gift one could ever receive is already mine!

What is it?


On that very first Christmas two-thousand-ish years ago, there was just a man, a woman and a Baby sleeping in a manger. On that night, when angels announced the birth to a group of lowly shepherds, the world received the most amazing gift ever given! It didn't cost a bazillion dollars. It wasn't sold on the Internet. Santa didn't deliver it and it came wrapped in swaddling cloths.

That gift is called Immanuel. (Matthew 1:23)

May this wonderful gift always be yours!

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