Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Blog Post #14: Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

I used to like the phrase "Happy Holidays." It was cheery. It was happy. It was just a nice thing to say.

But that was before.

Before what, you ask?

Before the war on the word "Christmas" began.

OK. "War" might be a bit strong, but that is what those in the media have deemed it. In order for businesses and other organizations not associated with Christians to be 'politically correct' and not offend folks, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" is no longer an acceptable greeting. One must say "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" instead.

I'm sorry, but that is just plain silly in my opinion. No, I'm not being intolerant or even disrespectful to those who don't celebrate the birth of Jesus. I fully understand there are people who practice other beliefs and some who don't practice any beliefs at all. There are also LOTS of people who don't celebrate the birth of Jesus but still celebrate Christmas with Santa.

But what I find silly is the desperate attempt to appease the minority. Polls show year after year that most Americans DO celebrate Christmas! They buy Christmas trees. They buy Christmas presents. They buy Christmas decorations.

I personally have never purchased a "holiday" tree. For years we went to a Christmas tree farm to cut our own tree. I've never given a "holiday" present but I've given lots of Christmas presents. I don't sing "holiday" songs or eat a "holiday" feast on December 25th.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, okay. But why spoil the season for the rest of us who do?



Anonymous said...

Oh, please. The song "Happy Holiday" was written in 1942 by Irving Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby. Do you really think either one was banging the "politically correct" gong or trying to ruin Christmas? People were wishing each other "Happy Holiday" for a very long time before the "war on Christmas" hucksters tried to turn this phrase into an act of vandalism against Christmas and the Baby Jesus. If somebody wishes you a "Happy Holiday," couldn't you just say "Thanks for the kind thought?"

Michelle Shocklee said...

I knew you would comment on this one. Hmm. I sure don't remember saying that good ol' Irv or Bing had anything against Christmas.

Merry Christmas!