Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blog Post #21 & 22: Happy Birthday!

Whew! A family "crisis" sidelined me yesterday afternoon. I'd planned to get all my grocery shopping done, but a phone call at 4:00 PM to alert me to a situation became my top priority. By 6:30 PM, all was well for the most part. Thank you, God!!

So, no blog yesterday either. Ooops!

Let's talk about birthdays! Today is my nephew's birthday! Woot, woot!! He's 8 years old! My son has a friend whose birthday is December 25. While I imagine it was pretty exciting the year he was born, I don't think I'd want my birthday to come on Christmas Day. Obviously, the reasons are self-centered: no one would really celebrate ME. And after all, that's what birthday's are for!

Jesus' birthday probably wasn't December 25th. No one knows the actual date he was born. There were no hospital records, no birth and newspaper announcements, no little knick-knacks with the date inscribed on it ordered on the Internet. The day probably came and went each year with little acknowledgement.

So why should we celebrate it now?

Christmas is not just the day we celebrate a man being born, but the day we celebrate GOD coming to dwell on earth!!! I celebrate it because it is the most wonderful day--the most wonderful event!--the world has ever known! It wouldn't matter to me if Christmas came in July or April or November. It doesn't matter to me that I'll never know the "real" day Jesus was born. What matters to me is JESUS! He is worthy of our praise! He is worthy of a celebration! He is worthy of an entire day being devoted to Him!


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