Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

I love going to the beach! I love the sound of waves crashing, the smell of salty air, the sand between my toes. Well, maybe not so much the sand part, but everything else about the beach I really enjoy. Most of our beach trips are to the Gulf of Mexico--either to Galveston or Port Aransas--but we've also been to California where we played in a very chilly June surf, to Hawaii ages ago on our honeymoon, and Cozumel for our 20th anniversary.

One of my favorite beach activities is looking for seashells and....drum roll, please....sand dollars! What a thrill it is to find a whole dollar, intact! A few years ago I bought a coffee mug at one of those wonderfully cheap-and-oh-so-tacky souvenir shops that line the streets in a beach town. On this mug is a poem called "The Legend of the Sand Dollar." Since I don't drink coffee, I keep my pens and highlighters in it, so I see it everyday when I sit down to do my morning Bible study or work on the computer.

I thought I'd share that poem today, just in case you've never heard it. I know I'll never look at a sand dollar now without thinking of Jesus! Enjoy!


Upon this odd-shaped seashell
A legend grand is told
About the life of Jesus,
The most wondrous tale of old.

Its center markings plainly show
The storied guiding star,
Which led to tiny Bethlehem,
Three wise men from afar.

Five wounds suffered by our Lord
From nails and a Roman spear,
When He died upon the cross
Are wounds shown plainly here.

Within the shell, when opened,
Five doves of peace are found.
Why celebrate this legend?
So may Peace and Love abound.

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