Thursday, March 29, 2012

Genealogy and Eggs (No Chickens Here!)

I love learning about my ancestors.

My mother's family can be traced back to the 1600s. They came from Germany and helped settle Germantown, Pennsylvania. One dude, Henry Tyson, fought in the Revolutionary War. My great grandfather, Isaiah Wagner, fought for the Union Army in the Civil War and participated in the Oklahoma Land Run.

My dad's family immigrated from Mexico in 1905. I'm proud that my great grandfather, Teofilo Chaparro, was a Congregational minister, and his son, Miguel, my grandpa, became a Baptist minister and preached throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Knowing ones roots is very satisfying indeed.

Today my scripture reading was in Luke 3 where the lineage of Jesus is listed. Reading it, I was struck with this thought: Jesus had ancestors! Earthly ancestors. Just like you and me, he had grandparents who had parents who had parents, etc. Imagine how cool it would've been to be the Great Grandma of the Messiah!

But the main thing I took away from my reading today was this: God planned Jesus' birth from the very beginning. Every detail, every generation was part of a plan. From Noah and Shem, to Jacob and Judah, all the way to Adam who was "the son of God." (v.38) Each one vital, leading up to the ultimate birth of Jesus.

Think about it this way: If my mother hadn't married my father, I would not exist. Or, if his mother hadn't married his father, my dad wouldn't exist, therefore I would not exist. See?

So, if even one person in the lineage listed in Luke 3:23-38 had deviated from God's plan and married someone else, Joseph, Jesus' earthly father and Mary's husband, would not have been born. Or, if you take Mary's lineage that also was from the House of David, Mary would not have been born if one of her ancestors had made a different choice in mates. Yet God told us long before Joseph and Mary existed that the Son would come from David's line.

If you're still not convinced God plans things out, chew on this fact for a little while:

Every woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have.

That means the egg that eventually developed into YOU was already in YOUR MOTHER while she was still developing inside HER MOTHER!!

Too cool!!

That means the egg that eventually developed into Jesus was already inside Mary when she was inside her mother's womb! To make it personal: My mom was 36 when I was born. So, about 38 years before I was even conceived, the egg that would eventually be ME was already inside my mom! Of course, it takes a dad's contribution too, which, again, is all part of a perfect plan.


One thing is very clear to me: God is a God of order. His plans are perfect. Nothing--- and I mean NOTHING! ---  happens by chance!

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