Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life in a storm...

Hurricane Ike is causing a lot of trouble and he hasn't even hit Texas yet. For the past several days we've stayed attuned to his whereabouts and projected path. And for a while there, it looked like he'd go right over the top of us here in Central Texas. But now he's shifted northeast, which means we'll probably still get some rain, but we won't be in danger of the winds and tornadoes that often accompany a hurricane. Lots of folks are though, so our prayers need to be with them.

Storms, however, aren't always the weather kind. Our friend, Loretta, is living through the storm of losing her husband of 31 years. Her sons are living through the storm of losing their dad. Nothing can take this storm away, but God can certainly help them through it.

I was listening to the Christian radio station, KLOVE, today. Lots and lots of people were calling in about the storms they were going through, or had survived, in their marriages. Husbands leaving wives for other women. Wives leaving husbands for other men. Families being destroyed. Caller after caller reported storms of life and how they were trusting God to see them through.

God could calm Hurricane Ike with a simple word from His mouth. We know it's possible because we read how Jesus calmed the seas when he was in the boat with his disciples. (Luke 8:22-25) But sometimes God allows storms to come ashore. Sometimes we are only able to learn and see clearly in the midst of a storm. We wonder why God would allow such a storm, but after the winds calm down and the rain stops, we see the rainbow and experience the peace.

I've lived through a lot of storms. Some weather related, some personal. I know for certain that God is on His throne and He in in control! We have to believe and trust!! Our lives depend on it!

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