Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The stars, the planets, the Space Station...

The Space Station flew over my house tonight. I had the kids, hubby, and even the dog out so see it. It was pretty cool. A lot bigger than I thought it would be. I was expecting a blip a bit bigger than a satellite, but this was very big and very bright. Reminded me a little of the night we drove to a dark street to watch the Space Shuttle coming in for a landing. That was SO cool!! By the time we drove the 2 miles back home, the shuttle had already landed in Florida! Amazing!

This past summer we visited NASA in Houston. I wish we'd had more time to take the tour, but it was pretty neat to see the history of the space program. I've never been a big proponent of spending billions of dollars on exploring the moon, Mars and such, but even I have to admit it's amazing that man has come so far in such a short time as far as getting people into space.

Did you know there are people that truly believe the moon landings were faked?? They say it was all done on a Hollywood sound stage. Come on, people! Our government can be sneaky sometimes, but a sound stage moon landing? Good grief! I suppose it's those same people that still believe the world is flat. Google it. There really ARE people that believe that.

It all makes me realize our God is sooooooo much smarter than we are!! I mean, think about it. It took thousands of years for man to come up with an invention that puts him in space. BUT, that's all he can do. Go into space. Come back to earth. If God allows it, man MIGHT someday actually live on a faraway planet. But only IF God allows it to be so.

This is the bottom line for me: The heavens are amazing! The stars. The moon. The planets. But Heaven is my final destination!! How 'bout you?

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