Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The uproar continues...

The uproar surrounding Miss California's answer regarding marriage continues to swirl through the news. I understand that Perez Hilton has posted a video as well as vile words on his web site. I refuse to give that man any type of acknowledgment, so I haven't been on his web site to see it for myself. I'll take other sources word for it that it's disgusting and degrading and completely inappropriate. Hollywood folks are also jumping on the band wagon to dismiss and discredit Miss California, Carrie Prejean.

But think about what this is all about.

One young woman--22 years of age--said a handful of heartfelt words stating her personal beliefs when asked a question regarding gay marriage. That's it! There was no long drawn-out speech against homosexuals. There were no derogatory names used. Nothing but a beautiful young woman saying she believes marriage is between one man and one woman.

Yet look what her critics are saying about her!! Hatred is being spewed left and right! Terrible name calling. Awful things about her family. On and on.

But here is the truth.

NO ONE--not one single solitary person!!--can truthfully accuse Carrie of being malicious when she gave her answer. NO ONE can truthfully say she spoke with hatred toward gay people. NO ONE can truthfully say she is anything but a person stating her own personal beliefs.

And here is something I firmly believe though no one is saying it out loud. Had Carrie been a Muslim stating those very same beliefs, not one word would have been said about her. Perez Hilton would have been mad about it, but he would have NEVER gone to the lengths he has with Carrie.

But because she is a Christian....

Hunting season, anyone?

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