Saturday, May 9, 2009

This Journey called "Christianity"...

I haven't traveled a lot. At least not around the world. I've been to 19 of the 50 states, including Hawaii. I've been to Mexico twice--once just over the NM border and once to Cozumel. But that's the extent of my travels.

But I am on a journey!

We all are.

It's called Life. My life-journey includes being a follower of Jesus Christ. A Christian, if you will. In fact, at this point in my life-journey, being a follower of Jesus Christ is my main priority, although I fully admit that wasn't always the case. He's in the driver's seat now, thank goodness. Oh, sure, sometimes I elbow my way in and try to take over. That's usually the times when I get myself into trouble. Thankfully, God is a patient Father and Driver. He's always willing to keep me as a passenger and doesn't just toss me out on the road.

But this thing called "Christianity" is truly a journey. It takes us places we never thought we'd go. An example: Blogging. Being a pretty private person, I never thought I'd ever take part in something where I willingly share all of myself with complete strangers (and friends, too!). When the nudge to blog first came to me, I thought, "Why? Who in the world cares what I have to say?" But the nudges continued to come as well as the advice from others. So, I started a blog. And from the beginning, I've felt like I am supposed to be as transparent as I can here. If I'm going to put myself out there as a Follower of Jesus, then readers need to see the good, the bad and the ugly of me. Jesus sees it, so you might as well too! After walking this journey for 45 years, it would be silly to pretend to be someone I'm not. I've stated many times how IM-perfect I am. Some of you have written to confirm that. *Winking at "anonymous" from Blindness & Arrogance.* Some of you have written to thank me for my honest postings, whether you agree with them or not. No, I'm not some expert or famous person you need to pay attention to. I'm simply me, with my own opinions, my own joys and turn-on's, my own things to vent about, and yes, my own triumphs and failures. I am certain I will not live up to all your expectations. I am certain you will read something on this blog that disappoints you or that makes you mad. But you might also read something that makes you think, "Hmm. She's on a journey. She hasn't made it yet, but she's gettin' there!"

So, thanks for coming along on this journey with me. You're on a journey too. I'd like to come along for the ride. If you blog, send me your web addy. If you don't blog, shoot me an e-mail and tell me something about you. Be transparent. Be imperfect. Be wise. Be humble. Be whatever and whoever you truly are.

That's what I'm doing.

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