Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get ANGRY in 2010!


That's not much of a "Happy New Year" greeting, is it? Get angry in 2010?! Why would I want you to get angry in a brand new year full of so much potential?

Allow me to explain.

The Bible tells us there is an Enemy in this world! An enemy whose sole desire is to destroy everything good that God has created, including you and me! He began telling his lies way back in the Garden of Eden and he continues to tell them today.

In John 8:42-44 Jesus himself calls the devil the "father of lies" and "a murderer."

1 Peter 5:8 says, "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

When God asks Satan what he's been up to in Job 1:6-7, his reply is: "...roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it."

Don't even try to convince me that his "roaming" is filled with innocent activity! You better believe he's wreaking havoc every single moment of every single day because he knows his time of freely roaming around will come to an end one of these days!

All you have to do is look around you to see the handiwork of Satan! Just turn on the TV. Turn on your computer. Turn on your radio. Walk into a bookstore. Drive down the street. Look down your own street. Look in your own home! Evidence of an enemy at work is all around us!

And we need to get angry about it!!

I'm angry that so many families are falling apart because of sin!
I'm angry that so many marriages are being destroyed by infidelity and apathy!
I'm angry that pornography is so readily available and isn't even considered a bad thing anymore by a lot of people!
I'm angry that schools have asked God to vacate the premises!
I'm angry that our leaders in Washington seem to care more about the almighty dollar than they do the people they were elected to serve!
I'm angry that folks spend money, money, money on junk they don't need and yet can't find enough to give to the needy or to tithe the ten percent God asks for!
I'm angry that you can't turn on the television for five minutes without seeing sexual images or hear crude language!
I'm angry that people are being deceived about their sexuality and the beautiful gift God gave for a husband and wife to enjoy exclusively!
I'm angry that schools want to teach our kids about evolution and condoms but belittle or flat out refuse Creationism and abstinence!
I'm angry that "religion" and "spirituality" can be talked about all day long, but not salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ!
I'm angry that killing unborn babies is acceptable!
I'm angry that there is such a thing as a "morning after" pill!
I'm angry that marriage is not a priority among young couples until they've lived together!

And what I'm really angry about is that more people aren't angry!!

Get angry in 2010, folks!!

Write a letter when you see something on TV that is just plain wrong! Write to businesses whose commercials are crude and sexual in nature. Log onto their website and leave a comment or send them an e-mail. Write to your politicians. Take a stand against what you know in your heart is sinful.

There is an enemy in this world, ready and willing to destroy us, but we don't have to stand by and let him have his way!

Tell him to get out of your family!
Tell him to get out of your marriage!
Tell him to back off from your kids!
Tell him you belong to Jesus Christ!
Turn him off when he's there on your TV!
Turn him off when he's there on your computer!
Use the sword--the Word of God!--when he whispers his lies in your ear!
Don't allow him to have any part of your thoughts!
Don't allow him to have any part of your family!
Don't allow him to have any part of your life!

Get angry, folks! Get really angry!

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Margo Carmichael said...

I'm angry! About all you mentioned. Good for you. I think I'll refer my blog to yours next week.
God bless.